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for the Asiad●, the team w○ould also be de〓dicated to prepa◆ring for the ○upcoming World Cham●pionship and an〓alyze every opp●onent."Every team i●s different, and● every game is◆ also different. We 〓wil

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WechatHBO o◆rders 'Game ●of Thrones' spino◆ff pilotHBO orders● 'Game of Thrones

' s●pinoff pilot〓HBO orders

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'Ga■me of Thrones' spino■ff pilot06-1●1-2018 11:18 BJTFans〓 of

"Game of● Thrones" c●ould be treated〓 to a prequel ser■ies set th■ousands of years be〓fore the hit f●antasy sa

g○a, network HBO a〓nnounced.

eam◆s first," said coa●c

 Acco〓rding to a state○ment relea■sed to US media Frid○ay

, HBO has ordere〓d a pilot episod○e of the spinoff■ – one ●of five such pro■jects in th

e work◆s – creat〓ed by

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